Careers at Google: STEM ​Career ​night ​at NYSCI​


Join us at 4pm EST to catch the live stream discussion on Google Hangout. Make sure you RSVP.

STEM Career ​Nights at NYSCI ​are events that bring together professionals with NYSCI Explainers to connect, network, learn and engage in the full range of careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. This STEM night is about careers at Google, introducing Explainers to the diversity of people who choose to become engineers, technology experts, or other related careers.  We’ll discuss how different perspectives and different backgrounds are an asset to coming up with science and engineering solutions.

Featuring panelists from Google, and moderated by the Deputy Director of the Science Career Ladder, Priya Mohabir, NYSCI will also host a special Q&A and networking session.

• 4:00pm: Welcome Remarks by Eric Siegel, NYSCI Director & Chief Content Officer
• 4:10pm: Panel Introduction & Moderation of Q&A by Priya Mohabir, Deputy Director, Science Career Ladder
• 5:10pm: Closing Remarks by Ellen Wahl, Director, Youth Development & Entrepreneurship 
• 5:15pm: Networking Session w/ Refreshments

Missed the live Hangout but you can catch the video here.